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Classroom PE Games

These games are designed to maximize activity for kids in confined spaces (such as the classroom). Some of these games are high-intensity, some are based on movement that stimulates brain activity, and some are designed with the simple goal of getting kids up, active and happy to move. As every confined space and classroom is different, with its own set of challenges and hazards, please be sure to adapt these games so that they can work well for your kids and your space. The ideal spot to start for activity in confined spaces is with fitness circuits; so if you haven’t yet visited our fitness circuit section, we recommend you check it out! In order to get the most out of these games, try and avoid lag time during transitions. In order to do this, be sure that you have the next part of the activity ready to go (with a verbal cue, movement strategy or breathing exercise), so that the kids can move as seamlessly as possible from one motion to the next throughout the game.

Crazy Moves

Equipment: none Description: This is a great game from our full-length section that can easily be transitioned into the classroom. For the number portion of the game, instead of having the kids stand on mats, you can have them run to predetermined desks and put their...

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A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Equipment: NONE Description: Have everyone start with their heads down and eyes closed on their desks. Tap one person on the head (this person is the wolf). Tell everyone else to decide if they are a dog, a cat or a chicken, and make sure that they don’t tell anyone....

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Crazy Sign Language

Equipment: NONE Description: With the students’ suggestions, the teacher assigns an action to the numbers 1-5. When the teacher holds up one of the numbers on his/her hand, the students must stand up, do the corresponding action, and then sit back down at their desks....

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Tricky Tower

Equipment: 2-3 objects per student, taken from their desks. Description: Have kids make 3-5 lines at one end of the classroom. Have a desk at the end for each line of students. Each student must bring 2-3 objects from their desk with them into their line. When the...

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Assembly Line

Equipment: NONE Description: Have one student come up to the front of the class and start to perform a repetitive movement (with or without sound). Once the rest of the class has had a chance to observe the movement, ask for volunteers to see who can add on to the...

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R.P.S. Cheer

Equipment: NONE Description: For this game you are trying to get the biggest cheering section behind you. Everyone starts by finding someone else to play Rock, Paper, Scissors with. The winner gets to continue on in the game, finding someone else to play against. The...

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Worm hole

Equipment: NONE Description: The object of this game is to not let your worm get squished inside his hole. Have all of the kids form a circle. Each player sticks their right index finger out, and makes a hole with their left hand using their thumb and index finger....

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Class Concert

Equipment: NONE Description: In groups, kids must make up an action that goes with a sound. It must be an action and sound that can be repeated over and over. Place the groups around the class so that it is easy to see which group the teacher is pointing at. If the...

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Duck Duels

Equipment: 4 Chairs. Description: Place 4 chairs around the classroom. Everyone starts as a duck, which means they must walk around the class, knees bent, arms folded into wings at their sides. When they meet another duck, they must have a Duck Duel. To do this, they...

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Card War

Equipment: 3-5 playing cards per student. Description: Give each student a handful of mixed up playing cards. When the teacher says “Go,” students have 5 seconds to find one other person to play. The teacher will then say, “The winner gets to do...” and will then give...

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