• 3-5 playing cards per student.


  • Give each student a handful of mixed up playing cards.
  • When the teacher says “Go,” students have 5 seconds to find one other person to play.
  • The teacher will then say, “The winner gets to do…” and will then give a fitness challenge (i.e. “The winner gets to do…10 jumping jacks…3 sit-ups… etc.).
  • Then the students will fan their cards out in front of them and allow the person that they are playing against to pull a card from their hand.
  • The teacher will then say “1, 2, 3 show,” and both students must show one another the card they just picked.
  • The student with the higher card must do the fitness challenge.
  • If the students have the same card, then they both must do the fitness challenge.
  • The students keep the card they pulled and move on to the next partner when the teacher says “Go.”
  • Each time a student does a fitness challenge, they get a point.
  • The student(s) with the most points at the end of the game wins.