• 2-5 evil red balls.


  • Choose 2-5 kids to be it and give them Evil Red Balls.
  • If you get tagged by an Evil Red Ball, you must go down on your hands and
    knees wherever you are and pick and animal.
  • Whichever animal you pick, you are only allowed to make the noise of that
  • To be freed, someone has to come and correctly guess what you are.
  • They are allowed to take as many guesses as they want.
  • If someone is tagged while guessing, then they must drop to their knees and
    become the same animal as the person they were guessing from (said person
    can whisper their animal to them).
  • If there is a group of animals, the minute someone guesses correctly, then
    they are all free.
  • Change taggers often.
  • To increase the difficulty level of this one, tell the kids when they get tagged
    they must drop to their knees and act out an animal (no noise), with all of the
    same rules as above.
  • Once you have been an animal, you CAN NOT pick that animal again for the
    rest of the game (even when taggers are changed).