Full-Length Equipment

Full Length PE Games

These full-length games are all designed to be played during a 45-60 minute period, and work best when coupled with some of our fantastic warm-up games. These games are all designed to keep the most kids active for the most amount of time possible, and really focus on ensuring that everyone has a role to fill (so that there is very little potential for any kids to be simply standing around). All of these games have been played (oftentimes over and over again!), by large groups of kids, and all of these games help to ensure constant fun, participation and activity. Feel free to change or modify any elements of the games so that they better suit your specific group, and please be sure to comment and vote on your favorites!

Hot-Dog Switch

Equipment: 2-4 evil red balls. Description: Have students lie down in groups of 2 or 3, one beside the other, on their tummies, propped up by their elbows. Give at least one student an evil red ball (they are it), and have at least one other student remain standing...

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Steal the Bacon

Equipment: 2 large hula hoops. Pinnies to distinguish teams. Bacon (i.e. Rubber Chicken, Mat,pool noodle......etc.). Description: Split the students into 2 even teams. Set the bacon in the middle of the gym. Line the two teams up shoulder to shoulder, facing each...

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Ring Soccer

Equipment: 1 ring for each group of 2 people (ringette rings work great!). Description: To start, have all of the students find a partner. Give each group of 2 a single ring. The object of the game is to get more points than your partner by kicking the ring, using...

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Circle Run

Equipment: At least 4 Hula Hoops. Description: Have each student find a partner and stand with their partner. Have the students decide between them who is partner 1 and who is partner 2. Bring all of the partner 1s to the middle of the gym, and have them hold hands...

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Shooting Stars

Equipment: As many rings (ringette rings work great), or balls, bean bags...etc. as you feel are necessary (at least 20). Description: Create a rectangular playing area using either the lines in the gym or cones if you are outside. The playing area should be almost as...

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Racket Whack-It

Equipment: 1 racket per student (ping-pong paddles, squash or racket ball rackets or tennis rackets). As many dodgeballs as you want! Description: Give each student a racket or paddle. Remind them not to hit other students with their rackets, or swing their rackets in...

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Cops and Robbers

Equipment: 7-9 hula hoops. A whole bunch of bean bags. Cones to mark center safe zone (if playing outside). Description: Scatter the hula hoops around the gym. Put as many bean bags into each hoop as you can. Split the class into 2 even teams, placing one team in the...

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Crazy Moves

Equipment: Enough mats so that you can fit groups of 2-4 students on them comfortably. Description: Scatter the gymnastic mats throughout the gym. Tell the students that you are going to call out a number and that they must try and get that number of people onto a...

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Can Ball

Equipment: Pinnies to separate teams. 1 dodgeball. Cones (if outside). 2 garbage cans (the lighter the better), with the bottoms cut out. Description: Split kids into 2 teams of 6-10 players. Have 1 student from each team stand up on a chair inside the basketball key...

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Catch Ball

Equipment: 3 benches. 2-5 evil red balls. As many other dodgeballs as you deem necessary. Description: Scatter the benches around the playing area. 2 - 5 students are it and are given evil red balls. Everyone else can start anywhere else in the playing area (except...

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