• 1 ring for each group of 2 people (ringette rings work great!).


  • To start, have all of the students find a partner.
  • Give each group of 2 a single ring.
  • The object of the game is to get more points than your partner by kicking the ring, using your toe or the inside of your foot, and having it hit a wall.
  • You ARE NOT allowed to touch the ring with any body party except for your feet and ARE NOT allowed to stall the ring by placing your foot/feet on top of it.
  • The game starts with the partners scattered around the gym, each group of 2 setting their ring between them.
  • When the teacher says “GO,” the students can start to try and kick their ring so that it touches any one of the four walls.
  • If partner A is the first one to succeed in hitting one of the four walls with the ring, then gameplay cannot resume until partner B touches the ring (i.e.partner B gets to start with the ring).
  • Here’s the next catch : Once a wall has been hit with a ring it cannot be immediately scored upon again (i.e. so using the above example, partner B could not simply turn around and fire the ring again into the same wall that partner A has just scored on).
  • Once either partner scores on a new wall, all three other walls are back in the game (this is to keep the game moving, so that the students don’t just stand, taking turns kicking their ring at the same wall in succession).
  • You can change it up by making small teams (i.e. 2 on 2 , 3 on 3), and/or by adding a certain number of passes that must be made before a wall can be scored upon.
  • You can also alter the difficulty level by substituting the size and types of rings being used and/or substituting the rings themselves with different objects.
  • Ring Soccer Full Length

    Ring Soccer – Full Length