• 5-10 Red dodgeballs.
  • 5-10 Purple dodgeballs.
  • 5-10 Green dodgeballs.


  • The dodgeballs for this game don’t have to be red, purple and green, they just have to be 3 different colours.
  • Scatter the dodgeballs all over the gym.
  • Tell the students that they can only have one dodgeball (either between their elbows, at their feet, or in a hand), at a time.
  • Red dodgeballs can only be grabbed/touched/picked up with elbows.
  • Purple dodgeballs can only be moved/kicked with feet.
  • Green dodgeballs can be picked up BY ONE HAND ONLY.
  • If a student moves a dodgeball other than in the way its colour is specified above, said student must freeze on the spot, spread their legs, and put their hands together in a point above their heads (they are now a human cone).
  • If a student is tagged by a red or purple dodgeball below the shoulders (these dodgeballs can be thrown with elbows, tagged with while being held by elbows,
    or manipulated by feet), then said student turns into a human cone.
  • The only way to be saved is for someone to pick up a green dodgeball and roll it between your legs.
  • Green dodgeballs can only save.
  • If someone is tagged while holding a green dodgeball, they freeze on the spot, can take one shot with their green dodgeball to try and save someone else (not themselves!), and then must turn into a human cone and wait to be saved.
  • To add difficulty to this game, have the human cones do the plank or pushup position instead, and/or, have the kids use trickier body parts to move the balls.
  • This game pairs well with specific sports, where you’d like the kids to work on sports-specific skills while having fun.