Our Credentials

pe games credentials

pegames.org was founded in 2012. Dedicated to keeping the most amount of kids active for the most amount of time possible, our goal from the beginning was to provide educators with games that are fun, fast, easy to understand and easy to play. We believe that every child can be, and should be active, and that every game needs to provide every child with a viable role to play. To this end, pegames.org has striven to ensure that all of our games contain as many opportunities as possible, for as many kids as possible, to stay active throughout.


Mr. H. is our resident expert at pegames.org, and is a certified teacher who has taught P.E. for more than 7 years. Dedicated to a fitness-based, rather than skill-based, program, it is Mr. H.’s, and pegames.org’s, belief that movement that helps kids achieve, and maintain, their target heart-rate is the key to a lifelong love of activity and its numerous benefits.


Based in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British-Columbia (Canada), we have had numerous opportunities to share our games and activities with teachers from around the world. We have presented at the largest conference in our region (The Okanagan Zone Teachers Conference – where our session was fully booked and we needed to take overflow!), the largest conference in our province (The Douglas College QDPE Pro-D Conference in Vancouver – where our session was fully booked and we needed to take overflow!), and will soon be presenting at the 2013 National P.E. Conference, held in Winnipeg, Manitoba from October 24-26. We have also done numerous Pro-D workshops, visiting numerous schools, all in an effort to spread the word of fitness through games!


If you would like to see pegames.org in action, and are able to travel to Winnipeg in October, we’d love to connect! If not, remember that pegames.org does professional development. If you, your school or your district wants to learn how to keep the most kids active, for the most amount of time possible, by playing the most they’ve EVER played in a day, (learning the tricks and trades of the games and activities to boot!), please contact us through the Pro-D link on our homepage! Mr. H. would love to travel to your school to help you get your kids moving!