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Weekly Challenges

These challenges are designed to be posted at the beginning of each week in order to help to give your kids a fitness goal for their 5 days at school. Some challenges are individual, and some are about team work. A neat idea is to challenge other classes each week to see who can get the highest score or fastest time! Most of these challenges will work in the classroom, although some will need a little more space, such as a studio or outdoor area. Don’t be afraid to get creative with a challenge and alter it so that it works for your space and classroom dynamic!

Human Caterpillar – How Many?

Equipment: None Description: The object of the challenge is to see how many pairs of feet you can get into the air while only having hands still touching the ground (i.e. no other body parts). The students must work together as a class to see how many feet they can...

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Beanbag Stack – How Many?

Equipment: A bin (equipment bins work great). A whole bunch of beanbags. Timer. Description: Split the class in two and have them sit with their backs against the wall at either end of the playing area. Dump all of the bean bags out in the middle of the playing area,...

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Human Ring Toss – How Many?

Equipment: Class set of rings. Timer. Description: Select 7 students to stand on a line at the end of the room closest to the door. All other students line up at the other end of the room in two lines, with the bin of rings between them. When the teacher says “Go,”...

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Human Scarecrow – How Many?

Equipment: As many stackable items as you can find! Timer Description: Split the class into two groups and have them each make a circle. Have two of the students from each group stand back-to-back (4 students total), in the middle of each circle. The 4 students must...

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Baton Bowling – How Many?

Equipment: 7 batons or bowling pins. A bin of bean bags. Description: Set up the 7 batons as shown in the picture. At the other end of the room, have two lines of students, and in between the two lines have the bin of bean bags. When the teacher says “Go,” the teacher...

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Hoop Hustle – How Fast?

Equipment: One hula hoop. Description: Have everyone in the class make a circle by holding hands with the person beside them. Have two of the people hold hands inside of the hula hoop. No student anywhere in the circle can break the circle (drop their hands) or...

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Dice Roll – How Many?

Equipment: One giant dice. Description: Everyone must sit with their back against one of the four walls with the dice in the middle of the playing area. When the teacher says “Go,” he/she will start the timer and roll the dice for the first activity. The students must...

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Hurdle Hop – How Fast?

Equipment: 14 hurdles (pop tins, pool noodles...etc.). Description: Make one line of girls and one line of boys (even though they will be working together on the same team). Line up 7 hurdles in front of each team (14 total). The hurdles should be no more than 2 feet...

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Mine Field – How Fast?

Equipment: A blindfold. A Chair. Timer. Description: Pick 4 students and have them line up, one behind the other, at one end of the playing area. Have one student stand on the chair at the other end of the playing area (this student will be the caller). Have all other...

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Electric Fence – How Many?

Equipment: One long skipping rope. Two Chairs. Mats for under the rope. Description: Space the two chairs across the room and tie the skipping rope between them (as in the picture). The skipping rope should be as high as the waist of the tallest person in your class....

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