• Class set of rings.
  • Timer.


  • Select 7 students to stand on a line at the end of the room closest to the door.
  • All other students line up at the other end of the room in two lines, with the bin of rings between them.
  • When the teacher says “Go,” the first two students in each line can take 1 ring and run to another line several feet in front of the first line.
  • Once at the this line, they try and throw the ring into the air and have one of the students on the lines catch it on their arm. The students can not use their
    hands to catch it, but must try and slip their hand through the ring in the air so that it slides down their arm.
  • Each caught ring is worth 1 point.
  • Students waiting in line must be high-fived before they can leave to toss their ring.
  • See how many points the class can get in two minutes, and then put the total on the board.
Human Ring Toss - How Many?

Human Ring Toss – How Many?