• A blindfold.
  • A Chair.
  • Timer.


  • Pick 4 students and have them line up, one behind the other, at one end of the playing area.
  • Have one student stand on the chair at the other end of the playing area (this student will be the caller).
  • Have all other students pick a spot, and position, somewhere in the playing area and have them FREEZE on that spot in the position of their choice.
  • The teacher stays with the students lined up at the door and puts a blindfold on the first student. When the teacher says “Go,” the timer starts and the caller can start to try and direct the student to the other end of the playing area.
  • As soon as the blindfolded student passes or touches the caller, he/she can whip off the blindfold and run and have the teacher place it on the next student.
  • Once the next student is blindfolded, the teacher says “pepper,” and all of the scattered students must quickly pick a new spot, and position, somewhere in the playing area.
  • If a blindfolded student walks into/touches another student, touches the wall or any other object, or peeks through their blindfold, then they must go to the end of the line and the next waiting student goes.
  • The timer stops once all 4 students have successfully made it to the other end of the playing area, or when the timer passes 4 minutes.
  • Play as many times as you like, and then write your class’s fastest time on the board (i.e. how fast you were able to get all 4 students to the white board without them peeking through their blindfold or bumping into another student).
Mine Field - How Fast?

Mine Field – How Fast?