• Enough mats so that you can fit groups of 2-4 students on them comfortably.


  • Scatter the gymnastic mats throughout the gym.
  • Tell the students that you are going to call out a number and that they must try and get that number of people onto a single mat.
  • Anyone left without a mat, or on a mat with the incorrect number of people,
    is eliminated.
  • Keep changing the numbers until there are only 1 or 2 students remaining.
  • Next, after playing several rounds, have the students get into groups of 2 to 4 (depending on the size of your mats), and have them stand beside the other people in their group so that they are all facing the same direction (standing shoulder to shoulder).
  • The next part of this game requires the students to work as a team and to do the action that the teacher calls out at the same time as one another. When they do the action, they must all freeze in that action’s position. Any team that does the wrong action, or is the last team to complete the right action, must run and touch all four walls before returning to their mat and rejoining the game.
  • If the teacher says : “Salute Captain,” the students must stand with their feet together and one hand at their side and the other hand up at their forehead saluting.
  • If the teacher says : “Sailboat,” the students must lean forward and balance on one foot with their arms outspread and their other foot pointing straight back.
  • If the teacher says : “Submarine,” the students must drop to their backs and put one leg straight up in the air.
  • If the teacher says : “Swab the Deck,” the students must go on their hands and knees with one hand on the mat and one hand held slightly up off of the mat.
  • If the teacher says : “Pirate,” the students must stand on one leg and cover the opposite eye.
  • If the teacher says : “Prisoner,” the students must drop to their knees and link their fingers behind their backs.
  • If the teacher says : “Man overboard,” the students must run and touch a wall and then run back and lie down on their mats, flat on their tummies.
Crazy Moves - Full Length

Crazy Moves – Full Length