• 2-4 evil red balls.


  • Have students lie down in groups of 2 or 3, one beside the other, on their
    tummies, propped up by their elbows.
  • Give at least one student an evil red ball (they are it), and have at least one
    other student remain standing (they are going to be chased).
  • If the student holding the red ball can catch and tag the student that they are
    chasing, they drop the red ball on the ground and start to run away. The student
    who has just been tagged must pick up the red ball (they are now it).
  • When a student who is being chased wants to be safe, they must lie down
    beside another student from a group on the ground. When this happens, the
    student who is on the other end of the group from the student who has just
    arrived, must get up and try and get away from the student with the evil red
  • To change the difficulty level you can change the number of students laying
    down beside each other, you can add evil red balls and you can increase or
    decrease the size of the playing area.
Hot Dog Switch

Full Length – Hot-Dog Switch