• 1 racket per student (ping-pong paddles, squash or racket ball rackets or tennis rackets).
  • As many dodgeballs as you want!


  • Give each student a racket or paddle.
  • Remind them not to hit other students with their rackets, or swing their rackets in an unsafe manner.
  • Scatter the dodgeballs around the gym.
  • Students can only touch dodgeballs with their rackets (no hands or feet!).
  • They can dribble the dodgeballs on the ground with their rackets.
  • They can hit the dodgeballs with their rackets.
  • They can set their racket on top of the dodgeball, pull it back, and lift the dodgeball up onto their racket so they can throw it from there.
  • The object of the game is to eliminate players by hitting them below the shoulders with a dodgeball.
  • If a player is hit, they must sit down and put their racket straight up in the air. To be saved, someone must tap your racket with their racket.
  • If someone accidentally touches a ball with their body, then they are frozen as well.
  • Players can attack whoever they want, and save whoever they want.
  • Add more balls, or take some away, to change the difficulty level. You can also create teams and play competitively.
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    Racket-Whak-it – Full Length