• Pinnies to separate teams.
  • 1 dodgeball.
  • Cones (if outside).
  • 2 garbage cans (the lighter the better), with the bottoms cut out.


  • Split kids into 2 teams of 6-10 players.
  • Have 1 student from each team stand up on a chair inside the basketball key (this can be marked with cones if playing outside).
  • Players pass the ball down the field trying to throw it into the bucket.
  • A player holding the ball can only rotate on one foot (think pivoting in basketball) when they are holding the ball.
  • A player can only hold onto the ball for 3 seconds before getting rid of it.
  • The player holding the bucket can move it to catch but cannot leave the chair.
  • No player can touch the ball carrier, although they can try and grab the ball.
  • Defensive players are allowed in their defensive zone.
  • Offensive players may not enter the other team’s zone.
Can Ball

Can Ball