• NONE


  • In groups, kids must make up an action that goes with a sound. It must be an action and sound that can be repeated over and over.
  • Place the groups around the class so that it is easy to see which group the teacher is pointing at.
  • If the teacher points at your group, then your group starts to do its action and sound.
  • Your group continues to do its action and sound, regardless of whether or not other groups have also started.
  • The only time your group stops is if the teacher holds up a STOP hand towards your group. Keep watching though, because the minute you are pointed at again, you must re-start your action and sound.
  • When pointing at the groups, the teacher can show higher (by waving a hand higher) or lower (by waving a hand lower) in order to make the groups get louder or softer.
  • Make up your own variations to increase the fun in this game!