• 4 Chairs.


  • Place 4 chairs around the classroom.
  • Everyone starts as a duck, which means they must walk around the class, knees bent, arms folded into wings at their sides.
  • When they meet another duck, they must have a Duck Duel. To do this, they do the “1,2,3” of Rock, Paper, Scissors, only instead of flashing an item, they flash a number of fingers on ONE hand.
  • The first duck to add up all of the fingers gets to grow and start to walk.
  • The losing duck stays a duck and must find someone else to play.
  • If you are a walker, you can only play against another walker. The winner gets to go stand on a chair, and wait for a challenger. The loser must change back into a duck.
  • A walker can only play a chair-stander if they have already beaten another walker (who must change back into a duck).
  • If there are no chairs left, and a walker has beat another walker, then they must challenge a chair stander.
  • Whoever loses the chair standing duel, must go back to being a duck.