• NONE


  • Have everyone start with their heads down and eyes closed on their desks.
  • Tap one person on the head (this person is the wolf).
  • Tell everyone else to decide if they are a dog, a cat or a chicken, and make sure that they don’t tell anyone.
  • Remind them that they must stay that animal for the entire round.
  • Now, when the teacher says an animal, anyone who is that animal MUST
    switch to a new desk in 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, anyone not in a new desk
    is eliminated and must stand at the side of the class (except the wolf!).
  • Here is the catch, the wolf MUST SWITCH DESKS EVERY TIME, REGARDLESS
  • The object of the game is for people to figure out who is the wolf.
  • After a predetermined length of time, or once most people have been eliminated,allow several students to make guesses about who is the wolf.