• NONE


  • For this game you are trying to get the biggest cheering section behind you.
  • Everyone starts by finding someone else to play Rock, Paper, Scissors with.
  • The winner gets to continue on in the game, finding someone else to play against.
  • The loser (as well as any cheerer he may have gathered) immediately becomes a member of the winner’s cheering section (following them around, cheering for them).
  • What this means is that as someone continues to win, their cheering section will get larger and larger.
  • Soon you will have two students face off while all other students are standing and cheering.
  • If someone asks you to play R.P.S. against them, you can not say no.
  • If you don’t want noise, you can make this a quiet game by telling the cheering sections that they can only do actions (the goofier the better) when cheering for their winner.