Full-Length Equipment

Full Length PE Games

These full-length games are all designed to be played during a 45-60 minute period, and work best when coupled with some of our fantastic warm-up games. These games are all designed to keep the most kids active for the most amount of time possible, and really focus on ensuring that everyone has a role to fill (so that there is very little potential for any kids to be simply standing around). All of these games have been played (oftentimes over and over again!), by large groups of kids, and all of these games help to ensure constant fun, participation and activity. Feel free to change or modify any elements of the games so that they better suit your specific group, and please be sure to comment and vote on your favorites!

Colour Wars

Equipment: 3 different colours of dodgeballs for 3 even teams (enough so that each student has a dodgeball). 1 other dodgeball that is a different colour from the 3 colours above. Description: Split the students into 3 even teams and distribute the 3 coloured balls...

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Equipment: 1 pinnie per student. 3-7 hula hoops. Description: Give each student a pinnie and have them tuck it into the side of their shorts so that at least 2/3 of the pinnie is hanging out and visible. Scatter the hula hoops throughout the gym. The object of the...

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Dog Catcher

Equipment: 2-4 evil red balls. Cones to mark the playing area (if outside). Description: Give 2 - 4 students the evil red balls and put them inside the center circle of the gym (these are your dog catchers). Tell everyone else that they are dogs, and tell them that...

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Mat Attack

Equipment: Enough mats (tumbling mats, yoga mats...etc.), so that each team has 2 mats. Description: Split students into teams of 4 or 5, based on age and/or number of available mats. Have teams line up behind one another and place their 2 mats in front of the first...

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Russian Bowling (Gorodki)

Equipment: 10-12 items that can be set up to be knocked down (bowling pins, pop tins filled with sand and taped closed…etc.). 2-4 “Bats” (Don’t use metal bats!), Wooden rods, PVC piping taped shut at both ends…etc. Floor Tape (indoor) or sidewalk chalk (outdoor) to...

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Group Skittles

Equipment: 10 hula hoops. Class set of dodgeballs. Cones. Pinnies to split kids into teams. 10 bowling pins (or anything else that can be set up inside the hula hoops to be knocked down). Description: Split the kids into 2 even teams. Divide the gym in half,...

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Barricade Bench Dodgeball

Equipment: A class set of dodgeballs. Pinnies to distinguish teams. 4 benches. 7 mats per team (14 total), that can be stood vertically to act as barricades. Description: Divide the kids into 2 equal teams. Give the teams 2 minutes to set their mats up however they...

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Witches’ Candy

Equipment: Pinnies to separate kids into two teams. 20-30 beanbags. Cones to mark safe zones. 2 containers to hold beanbags. Description: Split the kids into two even teams. The team in the pinnies are the witches. The team without the pinnies are the kids. Create a...

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Garden Ball

Equipment: Cones to mark field (if outside). At least one fence or wall to be one side of your square (not essential but a great addition). An old volleyball or bosu ball. Description: Ideally this game is played on the grass, inside a large square enclosed by cones...

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Cheese Movers

Equipment: Dodgeballs (only enough for 1/2 class). 2 whiffle balls. Description: This is a basic relay game with dodgeball mixed in. Break into 4 teams, two teams on the volleyball court baseline/service line, one team on the left volleyball sideline facing in, and...

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