• A class set of dodgeballs.
  • Pinnies to distinguish teams.
  • 4 benches.
  • 7 mats per team (14 total), that can be stood vertically to act as barricades.


  • Divide the kids into 2 equal teams.
  • Give the teams 2 minutes to set their mats up however they would like on their side of the gym.
  • Place the benches end-to-end behind the mats on each team’s side (as in the picture), and make sure that the benches are close enough to the center line that the kids on the other side can throw over the mats to a kid standing on the bench.
  • Players are not allowed to cross the center line.
  • Players are not allowed to throw the ball above the shoulders, or throw the ball so hard that it can hurt.
  • If you are hit with a ball, you drop your ball(s) (if you are holding any), and make a big “X” with your arms above your head. Then, you walk over on to the other team’s side and get up on the bench (you are in prison).
  • The only way to be saved from prison, is you must catch a ball in the air (you can’t pick them up from the ground), thrown to you by someone on your team.
  • If you catch a ball, keep it held over your head and take a free walk back to your team’s side of the gym.
  • If a barricade falls, it can be put back up.
  • If someone can score a basket in the basketball hoop on the other side of the gym (i.e. the side where members of your team are in prison), then you have a “prison break”, and ALL members of your team get to come back to your side (remember, you have to score this basket without crossing the center line).
  • The winning team is the team that manages to get everyone into prison first.

Barricade Bench Dodgeball