• Enough mats (tumbling mats, yoga mats…etc.), so that each team has 2 mats.


  • Split students into teams of 4 or 5, based on age and/or number of available mats.
  • Have teams line up behind one another and place their 2 mats in front of the first person in their line.
  • The object of the game is to be the first team to arrive safely at the other end of the gym.
  • You ARE NOT allowed to touch the gym floor with any body part.
  • In order to cross the gym, your team must figure out how to most effectively and efficiently get all members from one mat to another all the way across the gym.
  • Team members are allowed to slide mats, toss mats, push or pull mats BUT CAN NOT TOUCH THE GYM FLOOR!
  • If any member of the team touches the gym floor with any body part, said team member must run and touch all four walls in the gym before returning to his/her team’s mat. While this person is touching the four gym walls, NO MEMBER of the team can move at all. The team can resume crossing the gym once the running team member has touched all four walls AND has both feet back on one of the team’s two mats.
  • The winning team is the first team to have everyone step off of the mat, and passed the predetermined end-line, safely.
  • You can change it up by making teams larger or smaller and/or giving teams more or fewer mats.
Mat Attack

Mat Attack