• Dodgeballs (only enough for 1/2 class).
  • 2 whiffle balls.


  • This is a basic relay game with dodgeball mixed in.
  • Break into 4 teams, two teams on the volleyball court baseline/service line, one team on the left volleyball sideline facing in, and the other team on the right sideline facing in.
  • The two teams on the service line are single file, ready for a relay. The first person in the line has a whiffle ball (this is the “cheese”). One dodgeball for each kid on the sidelines (these are the “cats”).
  • The Mouse: The person with the whiffle tries to run to the far wall and back with the cheese. If they get hit by a ball, they sit and hold the cheese above their head. If they are hit on the way there, the next player runs out to get the cheese and carries on with the attempt to get to the far wall and back. If hit on the return trip, the next person only has to go out, get the cheese, and finish the return journey. Everytime the cheese makes it back to the line give a point to that team.
  • The Cats: Stay on the sideline to throw the ball at the mouse. Once you throw a ball, you must go out in the field and find a ball. Then, you must pass the ball you found to a teammate on the line without a ball. Now that you have done this, you can return to the sideline and wait for someone to pass a ball to you. This is to stop a kid from sitting on the sideline just firing away at the other team. One throw, then go find and help a teammate, then you can throw again.
  • Once all the Mice are hit and down in the field, the teams switch, with both sideline teams going to the service line, and both Mice lines going to a respective sideline.