• 3 different colours of dodgeballs for 3 even teams (enough so that each student has a dodgeball).
  • 1 other dodgeball that is a different colour from the 3 colours above.


  • Split the students into 3 even teams and distribute the 3 coloured balls (one for each student).
  • Balls can be any 3 colours you choose, but I find it works best if you can create a story connection between the 3 colours. For us, we use yellow, blue and green where yellow = sun, blue = sky and green = grass.
  • In this game, each colour can tag one other colour, and each colour can BE TAGGED by one other colour.
  • Using the colours outlined above, I tell the students that because the sun is the highest, the sun (yellow balls), chase the sky (blue balls). Because the sky is higher than the grass, the sky (blue balls) chase the grass (green balls). Because grass (green balls) has no one left to chase, it has to chase the sun (yellow balls).
  • If you get tagged by the colour chasing you, you must sit down and hold your ball straight up in the air. The only way you can be saved is if someone from your colour taps their ball to your ball.
  • The teacher has the “Immortal Ball” (a dodgeball of a different colour than the other 3), and can save ANYONE and be tagged by NO ONE!
  • The game ends when one team has been completely eliminated or when there is no one left to chase/catch.
  • After each game, have the students throw their balls as far away as they can, and tell them that they now have 5 seconds to pick up a new ball (which may or may not be a different colour).
  • To change the difficulty level and the game, you can add more colours and/or allow the students to throw the balls in order to tag others.
Colour Wars

Colour Wars