• Cones to mark field (if outside).
  • At least one fence or wall to be one side of your square (not essential but a great addition).
  • An old volleyball or bosu ball.


  • Ideally this game is played on the grass, inside a large square enclosed by cones and / or a wall and / or a fence (making up 1 or 2 sides of the square).
  • The goal of Garden Ball is to be the last person left standing.
  • Everyone starts inside the square, and one person starts with the ball.
  • The ball can only be bounced using the hands or rolled using the hands.
  • The ball cannot be kicked or held stationary.
  • The person with the ball is trying to eliminate everyone else by tagging them with the ball below the waist (remember though, this person can only hit or re-direct the ball using their hands, they can’t hold on and throw it).
  • A person is eliminated if they:
  • – Are hit below the waist with the ball.
  • – Step out of bounds.
  • – Try and hit someone with the ball, miss, and have the ball roll out of bounds with no one else touching it.
  • – Hold the ball.
  • The fence/wall is a fun addition, as you can use it to rebound the ball off of.
  • Kids can block the ball with their hands, but only their hands.
  • Either play eliminations ( games are usually pretty fast if you’re on top of enforcing the rules), or give the buy-back option that if you get your hands on the ball when it goes out of bounds then you can come back in.
Garden Ball

Garden Ball