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Weekly Challenges

These challenges are designed to be posted at the beginning of each week in order to help to give your kids a fitness goal for their 5 days at school. Some challenges are individual, and some are about team work. A neat idea is to challenge other classes each week to see who can get the highest score or fastest time! Most of these challenges will work in the classroom, although some will need a little more space, such as a studio or outdoor area. Don’t be afraid to get creative with a challenge and alter it so that it works for your space and classroom dynamic!

Monkey Hold – How Long?

Equipment: One thick rope (like a tug-of-war rope). Timer. Mats for under the rope. Description: Split the class in two and have them set up, lengthwise, in the playing area as though preparing to have a tug-of-war. Lay mats in between the two groups and have each...

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Flying Chicken – How Many?

Equipment: One rubber chicken, dodgeball, pillow...etc. Timer. Description: Have the entire class form circle and give one student the chicken to start with. The teacher then starts the timer. The person who starts with the chicken will say the name of someone (it can...

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Human Pinball – How Many?

Equipment: One dodgeball. Description: Scatter the students throughout the playing area. Once they have picked a spot, tell them that their feet are glued to the floor (i.e whichever way they are facing, however they are standing, they must stay in that position)....

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Elf Run – How Many?

Equipment: Bins of balls (tennis balls work great). Two hula hoops. Garbage Can (or other clean receptacle). Description: Make 2 lines at each end of the room (4 lines total). Have the lines face each other across the room, and have a hula hoop in between the two...

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Over Under – How Fast?

Equipment: 4 long skipping ropes. Timer. Description: Have 4 sets of partners (8 kids total), each with a long skipping rope. 4 of the kids will be pulling the rope tight across the room (with a partner), and holding it at their ankles. The other 4 kids, with their...

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Rope Gauntlet – How Many?

Equipment: One long skipping rope. Timer. Description: Select two people to turn the long skipping rope in the middle of the room. Line everyone else up so that they are ready to run underneath the rope one at a time. The teacher sets the timer for 2 minutes, and then...

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Chicken Grow – How Fast?

Equipment: 1 item (baton, rubber chicken, dodgeball…etc.). Description: Have everyone in the class link arms at the elbows to make a circle (the starting circle will be relatively small). Unlink arms and have one student start with the chicken. When the teacher says...

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Hop Along – How Fast?

Equipment: NONE Description: Make 4 lines (2 at each end of the playing area so that each line is facing another line). Say “Go,” and then start the timer. The first student in each line must hop on one foot to the middle, where they will high-five the other student...

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Ring Toss – How Many?

Equipment: Cones. Rings. A large bin, box or container. Hula hoops. Description: Make two lines at the end of the playing area and place the yellow bin of rings in between the two. Place the cones as in the diagram, and the hoops in front of them. Set the timer for...

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Big Fat Wave – How Many?

Equipment: 1 ball. Description: Make two lines of students so that the two lines are facing each other and, in each line, the students are standing shoulder to shoulder. Have a single student stand at the end of each line. Select a ball that will best suit your...

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