• 1 item (baton, rubber chicken, dodgeball…etc.).


  • Have everyone in the class link arms at the elbows to make a circle (the starting circle will be relatively small).
  • Unlink arms and have one student start with the chicken.
  • When the teacher says “Go,” she/he starts the timer and the students start passing the chicken around the circle.
  • Once the chicken has made a complete loop around the circle, and is back at the starting student, each student must take one step back (making the circle grow – keeping in mind that the circle will probably turn into an oval as the kids keep growing. The kids who end up at the wall can just stay at the wall as the others keep growing).
  • The circle must grow 5 times, and then shrink back 5 times (to its starting size), before the teacher stops the timer.
  • If the chicken ever falls to the floor, then the game must start all over again.
  • See how fast your class can grow 5 times and then shrink 5 times, and then write your fastest time on the board.
Chicken Grow

Chicken Grow