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  • Make 4 lines (2 at each end of the playing area so that each line is facing another line).
  • Say “Go,” and then start the timer.
  • The first student in each line must hop on one foot to the middle, where they will high-five the other student hoping towards them.
  • They must then continue hopping on one foot to the line that is facing them and high-five the next person to go.
  • They can only drop their foot back to the ground once they have tagged the next person in line to go.
  • They then go back to the end of the line.
  • Each student must go twice before the timer is stopped.
  • If a student’s other foot touches the ground, then the whole activity must be re-started.
  • Put your class’s fastest time on the board.
Hop Along - How Fast?

Hop Along – How Fast?