• Bins of balls (tennis balls work great).
  • Two hula hoops.
  • Garbage Can (or other clean receptacle).


  • Make 2 lines at each end of the room (4 lines total).
  • Have the lines face each other across the room, and have a hula hoop in between the two lines (2 hula hoops total).
  • Have the two crates of balls in between 2 of the lines at one side of the room, and have the garbage can in between the two lines at the other end of the room.
  • The teacher sets the timer for 2 minutes and then says “Go.”
  • The first 2 students in the line with the balls run up and meet the first 2 students from the other lines at the hula hoops.
  • They must then bounce the ball ONLY ONCE inside the hula hoop and have the person from the other line catch it.
  • If the person catches it after ONLY ONE BOUNCE, then they get to take it back and put it in their garbage can and tag the next person to go as they go to the end of the line.
  • If they miss it, it stays on the floor.
  • After 2 minutes have passed, count all of the balls in the garbage can and record the number.
  • Then switch sides so that everyone gets a chance to both throw and catch.
Elf Run

Elf Run