• 4 long skipping ropes.
  • Timer.


  • Have 4 sets of partners (8 kids total), each with a long skipping rope.
  • 4 of the kids will be pulling the rope tight across the room (with a partner), and holding it at their ankles. The other 4 kids, with their partner, will be pulling the rope tight and holding it at their waists.
  • Line all eight kids up the length of the room (with the ankle kids first), so the rope pattern is ankle height, waist height, ankle height, waist height.
  • Have all of the other students in line at one end of the room.
  • When the teacher says “Go,” the kids, either one at a time or together, have to jump the first rope, go under the second, jump the third and go under the fourth. Each time they complete the course and pass the teacher to head back in line, they get a point.
  • If any rope is hit at any time, then the total points go back to zero.
  • After 2 minutes write down the total for your class.
Over Under – How Fast?

Over Under – How Fast?