• 1 ball.


  • Make two lines of students so that the two lines are facing each other and, in each line, the students are standing shoulder to shoulder.
  • Have a single student stand at the end of each line.
  • Select a ball that will best suit your class’s size/ability level.
  • Have one of the 2 students from either end start with the ball.
  • Have the students in the line hold the wrists or hands of the person across from them, and remind them to stand as close as they can together.
  • The teacher sets the timer for 1 minute.
  • When the teacher says “Go” and starts the timer, the student with the ball sets it on the “wave” and the students must, working as a team, roll the ball all the way down the wave to the other student at the other end (by lifting and lowering their arms so that the ball can roll).
  • Each time either end-student catches the ball, the class gets a point.
  • If the ball ever touches the ground, or if any student breaks their hold with the student across from them, the timer stops and the game must be re-started.
  • Do as many times as you like and then put your class’s total on the board.
Big Fat Wave

Big Fat Wave – How Many?