• 2-3 hula hoops.


  • Start the game by placing three hoops on the floor.
  • Tell the students that their ship has sunk and they are in the middle of the ocean and there are only three lifeboats left.
  • Working together, see how many students (total) can fit inside the 3 hoops (no body part can be touching the floor outside the hoop at all (although body parts can definitely be leaning out over the hoop, above the ocean), in order for a student to be counted as inside the hoop).
  • Give the students 1-minute to try and fit as many people into the 3 hoops as possible.
  • To make it harder, try it then with 2 hoops, and then with just a single hoop.
  • Do as many times as you like, and then put the total number of students that you were able to fit inside each hoop for each trial (i.e. 3 Hoops = 25 students, 2 Hoops = 18 students…etc.), on the board.
Ship Wreck - How Many?

Ship Wreck – How Many?