• NONE


  • Everyone starts by facing the teacher at the front of the playing area.
  • The teacher tells the student that she/he will be giving the students a word, and the students must then spell that word using the bodies of everyone in the class (no one can be standing outside of the word). The easiest way to do it is to tell the students to lie down on the ground in order to form the letters of the various words.
  • Once the teacher says the word once, she/he will then start the timer (you can write the word on the board as well).
  • The timer stops once the teacher can read the word from left to right (as long as all students are a part of the word).
  • The students have 4 tries to get the fastest time possible. Possible words are: Wow, Cow, Oops, Hi, Dad, Me, Yes, Toy, Mom, Cheese, No, Far.
Shape Shifter

Shape Shifter