• 2 medicine balls.


  • Have the girls lie down, shoulder to shoulder, on the floor, and have the boys do the same in another line.
  • Place a boy and a girl at each end of their respective lines (4 students total).
  • Have everyone in the lines hold up their hands, and then set the timer for 2- minutes.
  • When the teacher says “Go,” the boy and the girl at the start of each line will hand the medicine ball onto the hands of the people lying down.
  • The students must then pass the medicine ball, hand to hand, all the way down the line until they can hand it off to the student at the other end. This student must then run with the medicine ball to the wall, touch the ball to the wall, and then put it back on the students’ hands and send it back, where the student receiving it at the other end will do the same.
  • The students get a point each time the ball touches the wall (boys and girls points are added together, so it is a team challenge).
  • If either ball ever touches the ground, then the total number of points goes back to zero.
  • After 2-minutes have passed, write your class’s best point total on the board.
Meatball Pass - How Fast?

Meatball Pass – How Fast?