• NONE


  • Split the class into boys and girls.
  • Everyone then needs a partner and must sit on their bums, facing their partners, with the soles of their feet touching their partner’s (legs straight and flat on the floor).There will be a boy’s line and a girl’s line.
  • When the teacher says “Go,” he/she will start the timer and the first set of partners in each line must jump up, run down the line (hopping over all of the other legs), run around the outside of their line, and then return to their seat, whereupon the next set of partners in the line will jump up and do the same thing.
  • Make sure that each group hops over every other groups’ legs (i.e. if you are group #4, you must hop legs all the way to the end, then run back to the beginning and hop over all of the legs that you missed until you get back to your spot).
  • The timer stops once everyone in both lines has done the ladder course once and has returned to their seats.
  • Do the challenge as many times as you want, and then write your class’s best time on the board.