• A large bin, box or container.
  • A whole bunch of beanbags.


  • Choose 7 students to be the human bowling pins and have each student stand in bowling pin formation as the diagram shows.
  • At the other end of the playing area, have two lines of students, and in between the two lines have the bin of beanbags.
  • When the teacher says “Go,” the teacher starts the timer and the first student in each line can run to the line on the floor and slide their beanbags across the floor, trying to hit the feet of the bowling pin students.
  • If a bowling pin student’s feet are hit, then they sit down.
  • The students in the line must wait in line to be high-fived before they are able to approach the line to bowl.
  • The timer stops as soon as the last bowling pin student’s feet are hit.
  • Do it as many times as you like and then write your class’s best time on the board.
Human Bowling

Human Bowling