• 4 hula hoops.
  • A whole bunch of beanbags.


  • Split the class into four groups and have them line up in a single line in each corner behind a piece of tape.
  • Place the 4 hula hoops together in the middle.
  • Split the beanbags up between the 4 different groups. Each student may hold a single beanbag (no more).
  • The object of the game is to be the first team to get 5 beanbags inside your hoop in the fastest amount of time possible.
  • When the teacher says “Go,” he/she starts the timer and the first student in each line may attempt to throw their beanbag and have it land in their hula hoop.
  • If the beanbag misses, it stays out on the floor, and that student goes to the end of their line. If the beanbag lands in ANY hoop, it stays there, and counts towards that team’s total.
  • If a team runs out of beanbags, the first person in line must run out towards the hula hoops and collect a single beanbag that is not in a hoop, bring it back, and throw it from their line.
  • As soon as a team has 5 beanbags in their hoop, the game stops, and the teacher writes the time on the board.
  • Everyone gets their beanbags back, and you can play again, with everyone trying to beat the best time.
  • Place the fastest time on the board.
Beanbag-Basketball - How Fast?

Beanbag-Basketball – How Fast?