• NONE


  • Have the kids pick a partner and face said partner at the center line.
  • This game is like a live-action version of Rock-Paper-Scissors.
  • For this game though, the kids pick surfer dude (one hand in front, one hand behind, pretending they are riding on a surf board), shark (big teeth, using their hands and arms, in front of them), or wave (both hands and arms way up in the air).
  • Surfer Dude surfs on wave (Surfer Dude wins).
  • Wave crashes on Shark (Wave wins).
  • Shark eats Surfer Dude (Shark wins).
  • Facing their partner, have the kids jump 3 times in the air, and then pick their action.
  • If you lose, the winner will chase you to the wall.
  • If you reach the wall first, no points.
  • If you get tagged first, then the other person gets a point.
  • First to 3 wins.
  • Change partners often.