• 1 pinnie per student.


  • Give one student a pinnie and put all of the other pinnies against the wall in a pile.
  • Tell all of the students that the student with the pinnie is the spider with its web.
  • Tell all other students that they are flies, and must try to stay away from the spider and his web.
  • When the teacher says “Go,” the spider must try to tag as many flies as he can.
  • The spider can tag the flies in 3 different ways:
  • 1. He can throw the pinnie by balling it up and tossing it at a student.
  • 2. He can swing the pinnie to tag a student anywhere below the shoulders.
  • 3. He can tag a student with either hand.
  • The minute a fly gets tagged, he becomes a spider, runs and picks up one pinnie from the pile, and now tries to catch as many flies as possible to turn them into spiders.
  • The last student(s) to be tagged, get to start off as a spider(s) for the next game.