• 2-5 evil red balls.
  • A class set of pinnies.


  • Give out 2 – 5 evil red balls (these students are it).
  • Give a pinnie to all other students and have them carry, not wear, them.
  • If a student is tagged by an evil red ball, they must lie down on their tummy and raise their hands and feet in the air, so that their elbows and knees do not touch the ground (so that they look like they are skydiving). They must place their parachute (pinnie), on their back.
  • To be saved, a skydiving student must have another student arrive and pull their parachute (throwing it high up into the air). The student on the floor must then turn over and catch the pinnie before it touches the ground.
  • If the pinnie is caught, the student stands up and rejoins the game.
  • If even a portion of the pinnie touches the ground, then the student remains frozen and must wait for a different student to come and save them.
  • Students cannot be tagged while saving a skydiver.
  • Stop the game every few minutes to switch taggers.