• 2-5 evil red balls.
  • 3-6 hula hoops.
  • Even number of GREEN, RED, YELLOW pinnies, split evenly amongst the
    remaining students, so that each student has a pinnie.


  • Scatter hula hoops around the gym.
  • 2 – 5 students are it and are given evil reds balls.
  • Split all other students evenly between the 3 coloured pinnies so that each
    student has a pinnie.
  • The yellow pinnies are cheese.
  • The red pinnies are sauce.
  • The green pinnies are green peppers.
  • The hula hoops are pizza shells.
  • You do not have to wear your pinnie, you can just carry it in your hand.
  • If you get tagged by an evil red ball, you must stand inside a hula hoop (pizza
  • In order to be freed from your pizza shell, you must have all 3 ingredients on
    your pizza (i.e. a hula hoop must have a yellow pinnied student, green pinnied
    student and a red pinnied student before any of the 3 can leave the hula
  • Students who have not been tagged CAN ALSO step inside a pizza shell to try
    and save friends.
  • Change evil red balls and ingredients every few minutes to change game dynamics.