• NONE


  • Select one student to be the octopus and place them in the middle of the gym.
  • Have all other students line up beside one another at one end of the gym, facing the octopus.
  • When the octopus shouts “Octopus,” all of the students try to run from one side of the gym to the other.
  • The octopus is allowed to run anywhere in the gym.
  • If a students is tagged by the octopus, their feet become frozen to the floor and their arms stick straight out: They are seaweed.
  • For the following rounds of play, the game gets harder as the students who have been turned to seaweed reach out and try to tag students who are running by.
  • Remember that seaweed students CAN NOT move their feet in order to tag a passing student ( you might want to let them turn and face the line of students after each round, and just have them re-glue their feet to the floor once they have turned).
  • The last student(s) remaining at the end of the game gets to be the octopus at the beginning of the next game.