• Enough throwable/catchable items (i.e. dodgeballs, bean bags, rings…etc.), so that each group of 2 students has one item.


  • Have students pick a parter and have them face each other at the center of the gym.
  • Give each group of 2 students their throwable/catchable item.
  • The student who starts with the item throws it to their partner.
  • If the partner catches the item, both students take one step backwards (one step away from each other).
  • If their partner does not catch the item, both students take one step forward (one step closer to each other).
  • Play the game for as long or as short as you want, with the winning group being the group of 2 that is furthest away from one another when the time expires.
  • At the end of each round, have students change partners and/or change the items that are being thrown/caught.