• NONE


  • Pick one student to be the wolf and place them in the middle of the gym.
  • Have all other students line up beside one another at one end of the gym.
  • Tell all of the students lined up that they must, without telling anyone else, pick whether they will be a dog, a cat or chicken.
  • When the teacher yells out one of the 3 animals, all of those specific animals (cats for example), must try and run to the other side of the gym without being tagged by the wolf.
  • The wolf is allowed to go anywhere in the gym, and turns other animals into wolves if he/she tags them.
  • The last student(s) remaining at the end of the game gets to be the wolf for the following game.
  • Remind students at the beginning of each round that once they pick their animal they must stay that animal until the end of that particular game.