• 2-5 evil red balls.
  • 2-5 good green balls.
  • 5-10 hula hoops.


  • Scatter the hula hoops around the gym.
  • Pick 2-5 students to be “it” (red balls).
  • Pick 2-5 students to be “savers” (green balls).
  • If you get tagged by an evil red ball, sit down and wait to be tapped on the head by a good green ball.
  • If you want to be safe, jump into a hula hoop (one person per hula hoop).
  • If you want to go into a hoop that is already full, go to the hoop, say “Bye- Bye” to the person inside, and they MUST leave.
  • They cannot step out, and then step right back in, but MUST either head out into the playing area OR find a new hula hoop.
  • Switch evil red and good green balls often to change the game dynamic.