• Hula hoops (enough so that half the class can have one – i.e. 15 hoops if you have 30 kids in your class).
  • Bowling pins (or any other thing that will stand up inside the hula hoops – you need as many pins as you have hoops).
  • Dodgeballs.


  • Assign half of the kids to place their hula hoop somewhere in the playing area, and to set their pin in the middle of it.
  • They are allowed to protect their pin, but cannot go inside the hula hoop, and cannot have body contact with anyone.
  • The other half of the class lines up at one end of the playing area, and each kid in line gets a dodgeball.
  • Let 5 to 7 kids go at a time from the line, and their job is to try and knock over the pin in someone’s hula hoop.
  • They can only use their ball to do this, and the minute that they are successful, they give their ball to the person whose pin they knocked over. Now, the person whose pin has just fallen, takes the ball and runs to the end of the line (this will signal the person in the front of the line to go). The person who has just knocked the pin over and handed over their ball, now sets the pin back up in the middle of the cone, and takes over the job of guarding it.
  • This game can go on as long as you like, and you can even change it up by having the kids allowed only to use their feet, or change the size of the balls to make it harder…etc.
Solo Skittles PE Game

Solo Skittles PE Game