• 5-7 hula hoops.
  • A cone for each hula hoop.
  • Pinnies to distinguish opposing teams.
  • 2 individual “Safe Zones” (playgrounds work great if they are relatively close together, otherwise mark two same size safe zones using cones).


  • Split the kids into two even teams.
  • Lay the hula hoops out sporadically around the field, and mark each one by placing a cone outside of the hoop.
  • One team starts inside/on one of the safe zones, and the other team starts in the field.
  • The object of the game is to get as many of your players from one safe zone to the other in 5-minutes.
  • As long as a player is on/in a safe zone, he can not be tagged.
  • The minute a player leaves the safe zone, he can be tagged by the other team waiting in the field.
  • If a player is tagged while trying to make it from one safe zone to another, then he must go back to the starting safe zone and touch it, before making another attempt.
  • Hula hoops are safe zones as well, and allow the players trying to cross the field a chance to rest before trying to continue on.
  • You can have as many people in a hula hoop at a time as you want.
  • After 5-minutes is up, blow the whistle and count how many people made it across the field into the other safe zone, then allow the teams to switch roles, so that the team that was just guarding now has a chance to try and get more people than the other team did, across and into the safe zone.

Prison Break

Prison Break


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