• A class set of hula hoops.
  • 3-5 same coloured items (i.e. red dodgeballs, pinnies, scarves…etc.).


  • Lay out all of the hula hoops so that they fill the space that you are playing in (i.e. gym or defined outside area).
  • The object of the game is to constantly switch hula hoops with one other person, without having your hula hoop stolen by the Hunter Hawk.
  • To start, let the kids practice switching hoops with each other. To do this, they must make contact with someone in another hoop; this can be a wink, a nod, a wave, or straight up yelling: “Tim, switch hoops with me!” The rules are that you can only switch hoops with someone you have made contact with, and you can’t go into another hoop mid-switch (i.e. someone that you don’t have an agreement with). You are also not allowed to just switch into an empty hoop if you see it, unless you have already made contact with that person to switch. If you agree to switch with a person, and you leave your hoop to do so, then you CAN NOT go back to your hoop, but instead must make it over to your new hoop.
  • Have everyone practice how to switch, and clear up any problems with people who are not switching properly.
  • Once everyone is comfortable switching, take away 2 of the hula hoops and give the 2 kids not in hula hoops a coloured item each. They are now the Hunter Hawks.
  • The Hunter Hawks fly around the forest and try to get into an empty Nest (hoop). The coloured item they carry is just to identify them to the rest of the players as the Hunter Hawks.
  • If you are making a switch with someone, and the Hunter Hawk makes it into the hoop that you are supposed to SWITCH INTO, then the Hunter Hawk will give you the coloured item, and you become the new Hunter Hawk.
  • You can keep removing hula hoops, and keep adding Hunter Hawks, to spice the game up!
Hunter Hawk

Hunter Hawk