• Pinnies to split up teams.
  • A class set of dodgeballs.
  • Gymnastic mats that will stand up on end.
  • Two benches.


  • Split the class into two even teams.
  • Team Green/Dark X starts on one end of the gym, and Team Yellow/Light X starts on the other.
  • Each team is allowed to set up 10 mats on their end of the gym, and they are allowed to link them together using the Velcro on the mats (if your mats have this).
  • The dodgeballs are placed in the middle of the gym, and kids are only allowed to throw below the shoulders. If you accidentally hit someone in the head, then you go to prison (more on this in a second).
  • If someone on the other team catches a ball that you have thrown, then YOU go to prison.
  • If you block a dodgeball using a body part or a ball that you are holding, then YOU go to prison.
  • The minute you are hit (or are responsible for one of the above infractions), then you immediately make a big “X” using your arms so that you can walk to prison without getting hit as you walk there.
  • To be in prison, you must go to the other side of the gym from the side that you started on and stand up on the bench.
  • The only way that you can be saved from prison is if someone from your team either throws a ball to you or hands a ball to you.
  • Here is the catch: You are allowed to go anywhere you want in the gym! Regardless of where you are, the prison that you go to when you are hit always stays the same (IT IS THE PRISON ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE GYM FROM THE SIDE THAT YOU STARTED ON).
  • This games works well and keeps kids moving fast! If you are not a fan of the dodgeball mentality, make the rule that the kids can only be hit in the legs for it to count.
  • The winning team is the team that manages to get everyone into prison.
Everywhere Dodgeball

Everywhere Dodgeball