• A bench.
  • A kickball.
  • A giant hula hoop, or a zone marked off with cones.
  • A home base (like a baseball base).
  • Pinnies to split up the teams.


  • Split the kids into 2 even teams.
  • The game is set up much like kickball, except you set up home plate on one end of the gym, and the bench on the other end of the gym.
  • The bench serves as the only base in the game, and to be safe a student must be standing on the bench.
  • One team is at bat, and they sit on the side of the gym, in line, each waiting for their turn.
  • The other team is in the “field.”
  • The pitcher must stand in the hula hoop (or safe zone) at all times. If he steps out, for any reason, then he must trade with someone of the opposite sex (from his team), to finish off the round.
  • The pitcher rolls the ball (underhand), and the kicker kicks it.
  • The object for the team in the field is to get the ball back to the pitcher (who must stay in the hula hoop the entire time), before the kicker gets to the base (standing up on the bench).
  • If the pitcher is holding the ball inside the hula hoop before the kicker makes it to the bench, then the kicker is out.
  • If the ball is caught in the air, then the kicker is out.
  • If the kicker makes it to the bench before the pitcher gets the ball, then the kicker is safe.
  • Now here is the catch: You can have as many people on the bench at a time as you want (as long as they get their legally). So if your first 3 kickers manage to make it to the bench before the pitcher gets the ball in the hula hoop, then they are all safe on the bench.
  • The way to score a point is the kickers must make it from the bench back past home plate (they don’t have to touch home plate, they just have to be past the invisible parallel line of home plate).
  • Here’s another catch: Any kicker not standing safely on the bench, or safely behind home plate, when the pitcher gets the ball is OUT! This means that you could feasibly have 5 people all out on one play if they all find themselves running between home plate and the bench at the same time.
  • Also, if anyone standing on the bench (they are not allowed to jump off), catches a kick from one of their teammates, then it is considered a grand slam, and each player on the bench (as well as the kicker), scores a point.
  • After 5 outs, have the teams switch positions and then continue playing.
Danish Long Ball

Danish Long Ball