• 4 different coloured dodgeballs (about 3-5 of each colour).
  • Cones to define the playing area (outside only).


  • If playing this game outside, use cones to define a large, rectangular playing area.
  • In this game, each team has a corner, and each corner gets 3-5 of the same coloured balls (i.e. so you might have red corner vs. blue corner vs. green corner vs. yellow corner).
  • The object is to eliminate players from the other coloured teams.
  • The kids waiting in line who do not have balls must wait off of the playing area, and stay in the corner with a hand on the wall.
  • The kids with balls are allowed to move anywhere within the playing area, and are allowed to either tag other kids who aren’t on their team, or throw the ball at them (same rules as dodgeball – no heads, no throwing to hurt someone…etc.).
  • If you are tagged/hit by a different coloured ball, you must IMMEDIATELY hold your ball high over your head (this lets others know that you’ve been hit), and run back to your corner to hand your ball to the next waiting person in line.
  • Balls can not be drop-kicked, thrown, rolled…etc., but must be handed to the next waiting student. Once you are eliminated, you go to the end of your line, and wait for your next turn.
  • If you throw your ball and miss, you can still be tagged (even though you don’t have a ball), so think about when you want to throw it.
  • You are allowed to block using your ball.
  • You are not allowed to touch anyone else’s ball, even if it rolls right up to your feet.
  • A fun variation of this game is to buy coloured pool noodles, cut them in half, and have the kids use these instead of dodgeballs to play.
Corner Ball / Noodle

Corner Ball / Noodle